Chapter 1 – An Accident

Hot damn! It took forever but I’ve finally finished the first chapter of MGS! …Not that many people currently care, but the fact stands that it is done and now there’s no turning back. I am going to finish this story no matter how long it takes me!

Chapter 1’s word count clocks in at… 3401 words! Pretty good!

Anyways, even though it was hard, I had fun writing this chapter. I hope someone out there enjoys reading it, even if it’s just in that “Oh man this is so bad it’s good” sort of way.



Today was the day. The day that Sylvia Eberhardt’s summer vacation was as good as over. Sighing, the teen looked over at the clock balanced precariously atop a pile of recently read manga. It had just flipped over to 2:00 PM, eastern standard time. In an hour, her cousin Kate would arrive at the bus station and she had to be there to pick her up. Kate would never last on her own in the city. There was no doubt in Sylvia’s mind that her airhead cousin would get hopelessly lost. Sylvia had never gotten along well with her cousin. They had nothing in common… except for a small dependence on gourmet coffee. The two were on good enough terms, though so… It could be worse.

With her index finger holding her place in the volume she was reading, Sylvia stretched her arms above her head. Using her free hand, she reached around almost blindly, looking for something, anything that she could use to mark her place in the newest installment of her favourite manga. The brunette ended up settling on an old straw wrapper that was on her bedside table. Page marked, she tossed the small book onto her disheveled bed as she hopped off, barely missing stepping on her outdated cell phone. Carefully, she picked her way through her room over to her dresser, skirting past piles of old schoolwork, a cup from a fast food joint, a console controller, and a bag of chips before tripping over one of her sneakers.

“Gaddammit!” Sylvia cursed, roughly nudging the shoe off to the side. It ended up somewhere under her computer desk by the time it stopped its roll. Muttering, she pulled the middle drawer of her dresser open and shuffled through, pulling out a few shirts and tossing them on top of the dresser. She then pulled off the baggy t-shirt she was wearing and tossed it to the side, not quite sure where it landed. There was also no sound indicating that it had broken anything, so she really didn’t care too much.

Sylvia dressed quickly, donning a red and golden yellow striped tank top, blue jeans and a thin black vest with a silver zipper and hood. There were a few buttons pinned to the front left side of the hoodie-vest, each with a different image or saying. One button was bright blue with a little cartoon tiger cub on it, the next was green with a gold star sporting the kanji for “dragon”, third was a simple rainbow with the word “Support” in black, and the fourth was black with a white silhouette of a witch firing a large laser with white text under the witch which read “Little girls love lasers”.

She slipped her left foot into her shoe then began the frantic search for the missing right shoe. It took a few minutes of picking things up, checking under or behind them, checking somewhere else, then checking under the things yet another time… but the girl finally found her missing sneaker. On hands and knees she crawled under her desk, miraculously not smashing her head on the underside of the desk as she pulled herself back out.

“Man… I’m gonna be late! I friggin’ know it!” With a frustrated groan, she shoved her foot into the recently acquired shoe and bolted to her feet. Tearing around her room, she grabbed an olive-green knapsack. Un-clipping the top flap, she tossed in the manga that she had been reading earlier as well her wallet. There were already a few things in the canvas backpack: a pack of gum and a few stray cough drops in the front zipper pouch, a half-drank bottle of water in the side holder as well as a few more unopened ones in the main compartment, a small note pad, some pens, loose change (mostly pennies), and a bright green rubber bouncy ball. The bag itself was covered in various sharpie doodles and stupid things written by her anime club; mostly in-jokes and anime memes.

Sylvia tossed the bag onto her shoulder and gave a slight shrug to get the strap in place as she made a final pass around her room, picking up her cell phone and mp3 player before rushing from her room and into the bathroom. The tech in her hands ended up on the counter, the teen only brushing her hair enough to get the bangs to stay off to one side and tame the strays, though a few bits stuck up anyway.

Sighing, she shook her head in defeat as she headed into the kitchen. On the way, her cell phone found its way into her front pocket and her headphones were slipped around her ears. Hitting play on the small device, the teen then stowed it in the right pocket of her hoodie. She pulled her set of keys and keychains off of the hook by the front door and left, fumbling as she bolted and locked the door.

While walking down the hallway towards the stairwell, Sylvia clipped her keys to her belt loop, the excessive amount of little metal things attached together making an annoying jingling noise with every step. Four more flights of stairs later, and she was outside, pale green eyes shielded from the sun by the moderately cloudy skies. However, it was still rather hot out, easily in the high 80s or mid-90s. But that didn’t stop her from pulling the hood of her vest up onto her head.

It was about a 40 minute walk from her house to the nearest bus station. 40 very uneventful minutes. Sylvia spent most of the time with a disinterested look on her face, very glazed over and all around spaced out. Once there, she claimed the last empty bench, slipping her backpack off and placing it on the ground between her feet. She opened her mouth wide and yawned as she leaned back against the bench, fingers drumming against her thigh in tune to the music she was listening to.

“Hey.” Sylvia heard someone talking faintly over her music. She ignored it, but the person just spoke up. “Uh. Hello!?” Still ignored. “Sylvia!” Then, without warning, her headphones were ripped from her head. The brunette jolted upright, eyes landing on her tall cousin. Kate sneered down at her, light blue eyes hidden behind a pair of slim designer sunglasses. Her long platinum blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, the tip reaching her mid back. Shaking her head, Kate tossed the headphones back at her cousin, taking a seat next to her on the bench.

Crossing her legs as to keep decent while wearing the tight denim miniskirt, she reached into her ludicrously sized handbag and pulled out her fancy iPhone. Her clear coated, manicured nails tapped against the screen.

“Bitch. I liked that song.” Sylvia muttered with a frown, slipping the headphones around her neck. She leaned forward, tilting her head in her cousin’s direction as she rested her crossed forearms against her legs. “Well, ya ready to get going? This new coffee place just opened and I wanna take you there before we head back t’ Mom’s.”

“Oh. Like… really? How far is it cuz I totally am not looking forward to walking in these shoes.” Kate wiggled her toes. Her cousin looked down and blinked. Kate was right. The sandals were definitely not proper wear for walking any real distance at all. “Or like walking anywhere with my bags and stuff.”

“Ah fuck, man. That’s right. Your luggage ‘n’ shit.” Sylvia sighed as she stood, slinging her backpack back over her shoulders. “You deal with the one with wheels and I’ll carry the duffel bag, wuss.” She reached over and hefted the large bag, straining visibly under its weight until she got a good grip on it and positioned it. “Jeez. Let’s just get goin’. It’s not too far. Just a couple blocks.” The brunette started walking off, taking slow, steady steps that scuffed against the asphalt. Kate followed after her, the wheels of her suitcase clicking against the uneven ground.

They spent the walk to the small coffee shop in silence, Kate occasionally clacking out another message to one of her many friends on her fancy phone. Sylvia had put her headphones back on and resumed her discography binge of the latest J-Artist she had discovered, though she just ended up with the opening song they did for some anime on repeat instead. And then, they were there. It didn’t seem like very far at all.

Awkwardly, Sylvia wrestled with the bags and pushed the door open, trying to slip in so she could find a spot to unload. But of course. Katie just pushed her way through, not even bothering to offer a helping hand. Her hands were just so terribly full, after all. One hand was wrapped about the handle of her suitcase, the other held her phone. And she was still just texting away.

“What a bitch…” She heard whispered in her ear. It was the one person in the entire city that had enough common courtesy to actually lend someone a hand.

“Tell me about it, Erika. She’s my cousin.” Sylvia replied, nodding her head in agreement before tilting her head to look up at the taller woman.

Erika was most easily described as goth. Her skin was pale; her clothes, baggy. Her pants were black and adorned with chains, straps, and patches of white, grey and black plaid material. With it she wore a simple black hoodie that was at least 2 sizes too large, though it did little to hide her ample chest.

Her hair was quite odd. It was dyed black and red, though it was the manner in which it was cut that Sylvia enjoyed the most. Along the sides of her head, it was buzzed shorter, though there was still some length to it. There were longer locks hanging down in front of her ears, reaching just about to her collarbone. It was this shorter bit and sideburns that she had dyed red. The rest, much longer and running down the centre of her head and hanging down over the side of her face was black. One could say it was a mohawk of sorts.

The girl also sported a few piercings, though none were in her ears. There were two bars vertically through her left eyebrow, a ring in the right corner of her lower lip, and one through her tongue as well.

“Ahh. A pity.” Erika clicked her tongue. “She’s kinda hot.”

Sylvia snorted in disapproval, ducking under Erika’s arm. The goth girl pulled back from the door, grinning as she let it swing closed.

“Betcha wouldn’t be saying that if you had to spend more than 10 minutes with her! Anyways. I’ll seeya in study. I have to entertain my family.”

“Well you know I’d rather have you, Sylvie dear.” Erika teased in a mock-seductive tone, earning herself a hearty yet playful swat from her acquaintance.

“You can hit on me in study hall too, dammit!” And with that, Sylvia dragged herself and her stuff away from her player of a friend. A quick look around the naturally lit café and she found her missing cousin… who had already ordered her beverage of choice and claimed a table. It also seemed that she had been watching her and Erika the whole time, and so had a few others. The brunette was receiving dirty glares from a family of three that was seated near where she and Erika had had their little “discussion”. They seemed very straight-laced. The husband was dressed in a nice suit, and the wife had on an expensive-looking dress. But by far the worst look was coming from the daughter, a red-head with an intense gaze…

Shaking her head, Sylvia turned back to the line, soon placing and receiving her order. It was her usual, so to say. A large iced chocolate cherry coffee, extra light with an ample amount of whipped cream on top. She slipped into the seat across from her cousin and tore the paper covering off of her straw.

“So.” Sylvia popped the straw into her drink, sucking out a solid chunk of whipped cream before the first dribbles of iced coffee washed over her tongue. “The hell was with that look you gave me, Kate.” The blonde gave a small snort of disgust

“Seriously? Just ew. How can you like… acquaint yourself with someone like… that! I mean I know you’re totally gay or whatever but you don’t need to stoop that low!”

“Jeez. There’s nothing between Erika and I. Chick’s crazy. She hits on anything that moves.” Sylvia took another long drink. “I don’t even know her too well. We’re just in study together.”

“Still. Ick.”

They continued their chatter, the two cousins catching up after a year of not seeing each other. The things they discussed were normal fare for high school teenagers: boys, cute boys, thick-headed idiot boys, football, girls, reality shows, and politics… Somehow.

With their drinks gone, the two girls decided it was time to get going. They gathered up all of their bags and tossed their empty cups, passing by the red-head girl and her family. Before they could reach the door, however, they were stopped.

“Ah. Miss.”

Sylvia felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and found herself face to face with the nicely dressed redhead.

“I couldn’t help but notice your… earlier display with your… um… eccentric-looking friend. If you need help with your sexuality disorder, then I know a Church not too far away…”

“You’re making quite a display yourself.” Sylvia replied

“I’m looking out for the welfare and wholesome morals of America! You’re the one that was indulging in sinful, lustful urges in a public location!” The girl was rather worked up, though she wasn’t being very loud at all. Only her, her parents, and Sylvia could hear; though Erika was watching them closely.

“Indulging in…? Man. Since when is a little bit of playful flirting such a crime?” The brunette furrowed her brow and set a hand on her hip, showing a good deal of concern.

“It’s a crime against nature, miss.”

Sylvie chuckled. “And if it is, may the bowels of Hell open beneath me and consume me whole! And until they do, I will just focus on ‘spreading the gay’ or whatever it is you religious nut-jobs think we do.” She turned to leave once more, grumbling under her breath about how she could never catch a break in public and the wondrous perks of being an otaku shut-in. Before she could get to the door, Sylvia was cut off once more. The redhead would just not leave her be.

“And what is this” Chastity sneered as she poked at Sylvia’s buttons confrontationally.

“Magic, kid.”

“Magic?” the redhead started, only to be cut off by Erika.

“100 bucks on it being “another blasphemous mark against the well-being of your eternal soul”, Sylvia.” the goth girl chimed, having come to the poor otaku’s ‘aid’.

“How rude, freak.”

“…I’m rude?” Erika took a step closer to Chastity “I think you need to mind your manners, young lady!” she chided, perfectly imitating the voice of a mother reprimanding her young child.

In the heat of their argument (and texting), the four girls didn’t notice the changes occurring around them. Time started to slow, turning jittery. It seemed like skipping frames in a movie. Then, parts started to speed up as others slowed even further before freezing and contorting into a surreal image of what used to be the coffee shop.

Kate was the first to notice. Raising her eyes from her phone, she stared in shock at what she saw.

“S-s-sylvia!” she screamed as bright purple cracks started to form in the far wall of the café.

“Dammit, Kate! What do you want? Can’t you see I’m-!” Sylvia wheeled on her cousin and her eyes went wide. The damage to the cafe finally sank in. “Oh for the love of fuck!”

All around them pieces of the lifeless mockery of the café began to flake away, revealing them to be in the centre of a miasma of black and purple. It wasn’t much longer before cracks started forming in the tiled floor as well, huge chunks crashing away into the void and forcing the four girls closer together.

“Aaaaah! L-look at what you’ve done, heathens!” The redhead grabbed Sylvia by her vest and shook. “You’ve upset the Almighty Lord! Hell is coming to claim your soul!” She continued with her mental breakdown, collapsing to her knees and sobbing, head held firmly in her hands. “No no no no no…. Why is He sending me down with you! I have done nothing wrong! I have followed all of His teachings!”

A scream soon split the unnatural silence of the storm swirling around them. More earth fell into the swirling nothingness around them right from under Kate’s feet. The poor girl was off balance, arms flailing wildly as she shrieked incomprehensibly and tried to steady herself. Sylvia lunged forward, shoving herself past the freaking out devout girl and a strangely calm Erika. Her fingers brushed against Katie’s, both girls desperately trying to grab hold of each other, but it was too little too late. Katherine M. Richards had fallen in.

“Dammit!” Sylvia growled, smashing her clenched fist against what remained of the floor. The act of rage just caused more of the ground to fall away.

“Fantastic… It won’t be much longer before our little island is all gone. I’m done. And you’re coming with me, Virgin Mary.” Erika grinned and stood up, slinging the redhead up over her shoulder.

“W-wh-wh-whaaaaat!?” The girl struggled and twisted in Erika’s grip, eyes wide as she pounded futilely at the taller girl’s back. Erika payed her no mind. She closed her eyes and calmly started humming as she strolled up to the edge of the crumbling platform. “No! I knew it! You are but one of Satan’s minions! Put me down you demon! Oh Lord please save me from– Aaaaaah!” The Christian girl’s scream quickly faded.

“Erika you crazy bitch…” Sylvia muttered, looking cautiously over the edge as yet another chunk broke off behind her. “Seems like you picked the ballsiest option available.” The otaku gulped and closed her eyes before giving a cocky salute to nothing in particular. She then leapt off the edge to join the others.

The fall was swift at first, but she quickly slowed as a terrible pressure started to build around her. Gasping, Sylvia wrenched her eyes open, but there was nothing but darkness occasionally interrupted by a bright purple flash. It was rhythmic, going off in similar manner to a strobe light. The flashes steadily came shorter and shorter apart, the crushing weight seeming to get worse as the blinding flashes grew more frequent. Sylvia closed her eyes once more but it didn’t help much. There was one last flash accompanied by a loud explosion, then everything was dark once more.

Sylvia found it even harder to breathe now. The air was extremely warm and filled with dust, chips of stone and who knows what else pelting her body. Coughing and wheezing, she opened her eyes only to find everything obscured by a combination of thick mist and dust. She blinked and rubbed her eyes, craning her neck as she peered with all her might, hoping to see some sign of what happened or someone that could save her.

The shop must have exploded… she thought, Coulda been a gas leak… That can make you see things… Sylvia tried to push herself up but was greeted with irritated protest.

“Heeeey! Watch where yer jamming your hands, Heathen!”

It was… the Christian girl! Sylvia gasped and pulled her hand back and looked around again, now able to see a few figures through the settling dust.

“My… Seems the spell didn’t completely fail, Mistress.”The voice seemed rather pleased, if a little cocky as well.

“But these are not cultists, either.” The second voice was trying to stay calm, though if you strained, you could catch the faintest hint of irritation.

“Can I have them, mistress?” the first voice inquired, accompanied by the sound of claws skittering across the stonework of the floor.

“Not yet.” the second replied ” They might still be useful for something.”


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