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Chapter 1 – An Accident

Hot damn! It took forever but I’ve finally finished the first chapter of MGS! …Not that many people currently care, but the fact stands that it is done and now there’s no turning back. I am going to finish this story no matter how long it takes me!

Chapter 1’s word count clocks in at… 3401 words! Pretty good!

Anyways, even though it was hard, I had fun writing this chapter. I hope someone out there enjoys reading it, even if it’s just in that “Oh man this is so bad it’s good” sort of way.



Today was the day. The day that Sylvia Eberhardt’s summer vacation was as good as over. Sighing, the teen looked over at the clock balanced precariously atop a pile of recently read manga. It had just flipped over to 2:00 PM, eastern standard time. In an hour, her cousin Kate would arrive at the bus station and she had to be there to pick her up. Kate would never last on her own in the city. There was no doubt in Sylvia’s mind that her airhead cousin would get hopelessly lost. Sylvia had never gotten along well with her cousin. They had nothing in common… except for a small dependence on gourmet coffee. The two were on good enough terms, though so… It could be worse.
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